Map Location and list of 35 Towns situated on the bank of River Ganga, River Ram Ganga and River Kali in the Ganga Basin in U.P

Projects Prepared by M/s. WAPCOS

Name of Projects Name of Ghats taken in DPR Name of Crematoria taken in DPR Cleared in ESC No. & Date AA&ES Remarks NOC from Irrigation Department. NOC from Local Bodies NOC of UPSGRCA
1.Development of Ghats &Crematorium in Bijnore along Ramganga River 1.Kalagarh Bathing Ghat
3.Gau Bathing Ghat
2.Kalagarh Crematoria
4.Harewali Crematoria
5.Bhootpuri Crematoria
6.Berkhera Crematoria
16 AA&ES received on 21.09.2016 All works are in District Bijnore
2.Development of Ghats & Crematorium in Mathura 1.Near Bangar Crematoria
2.Nagla Painth Crematoria
3.Maoli Banhar Crematoria
4.Matmula Bangar Crematoria
5.Koila Alipur Crematoria
6.Anwla Sultanpur Crematoria
7.Gharaya Latifpur Crematoria
8. Begampur Crematoria
17th All the works are in District Mathura
3.Development of Ghats &Crematoriumin Agra 1.Balkeshwar Temple Bathing Ghat
2.Poiya Ghat
5.Kailash Ghat
8.Tanara Nurpur Bathing Ghat
3.Baikunth Dham Crematoria
4.Swami Mustkil Crematoria
6.Kailash Crematoria
7.Etmadpur Madra Crematoria
9.Barauli Gujar Crematoria
All the works are in District Agra.
4.Development of Ghats and Crematorium in Rampur 2.Dhakuria Bathing Ghat
4.(a)Koop Bathing Ghat
1.Mathurapur Crematoria
3.Bampuriya Crematoria
4.(b) Koop Crematoria
All works are in District Rampur.
5. Development of Ghats & Crematorium in Bareilly, Budaun & Shahjahanpur 1.Hazratpur Bathing & Cremation Ghat, Budaun District.
2.Parour Bathing & Cremation Ghat, Shahjahanpur District.
1.Sirauli Crematoria, Bareilly
2.Shivpuri Crematoria,Bareilly
3.Munda Crematoria,Budaun District
Both the works are in District Bareilly.
Both the works are in District Budaun.
Works related to District Shahjahanpur
6. Development of Ghats and Crematorium in Moradabad 1.Kathgar Bathing Ghat
2.Ramganga Vihar Bathing Ghat
5.(a)Karanpur Bathing Ghat
3.Kathgar Crematoria
4.Ramganga Vihar Crematoria
5.(b)Karanpur Crematoria
All works are in District Moradabad.
7.Developmen ofCrematorium in Meerut(on Kali River) 1.Mamuri Crematoria
2.Nagli Crematoria
3. Maithana Crematoria
4. Somali Crematoria
8.Development of Crematoriumin Bulandshahar and Aligarh in U.P. 1. Badnaura Crematoria in Bulandshahar
2. Chawali Crematoria in Bulandshahar